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Two-Bolt 1" Defender Bearings

Defender Bearings available from Mason Plastics

Part No. Shaft A B C Material Housing
FBS-2WH-16-BO 1" 5.12 3.90 0.43 Black Oxide White
FBS-2BL-16-BO 1" 5.12 3.90 0.43 Black Oxide Black
FBS-2GR-16-BO 1" 5.12 3.90 0.43 Black Oxide Grey


Defender bearing line made in the USA and available from Mason Plastics

Close Cover w/O-Ring Open Cover w/Front Shaft Seal
C-16-WH CS-16-WH
C-16-BL CS-16-BL
C-16-GR CS-16-GR
C-16-Y CS-16-Y
C-16-O CS-16-O
C-16-R CS-16-R


WH = White
BL = Black
GR = Grey
Y = Yellow
O = Orange
R = Red


  • Manufactured with no cavities or fillings
  • Housing strength exceeds static capacity of bearing
  • Designed with stainless steel ferrules in bolt holes
  • Available with open and enclosed end closures
  • FDA/USDA compliant
  • Available with White, Black or Grey housing
  • Made in the USA